Want your listings to stand out from the crowd? Here are 5 ways a specialist real estate copywriter can help.

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Let’s be honest – hiring a copywriter isn’t always a top priority when you are getting ready to launch your latest listing. Yet professional real estate script writing can be a crucial component in ensuring your ad attracts a maximum of potential buyers. Wouldn’t you want someone skilled at creating compelling copy (which can directly influence a person’s emotions and possible decision to buy) to enhance your chances of success? With that thought in mind, here are five reasons why you should engage a specialist real estate copywriter to craft your next real estate ad.

1. When you save time, you save money.

The real estate industry moves at a blindingly fast pace. Quite often, an agent’s day is brimming with emails, phone calls and appointments. Why not reclaim some precious time back by engaging a copywriter who can look after this aspect of your business? Yes, there’s a cost to hiring a professional copywriter but if you secure a fast sale rather than the listing stagnating and falling lower down the ranks of leading real estate websites, I am sure you’ll agree it is money well spent. You will have more time to concentrate on making sales and less time worrying about oxford commas and punctuation.

2. Play to your strengths.


Chances are, you commenced your career in real estate because you were passionate about people and property, as well as being an expert negotiator in the sale of what is many people’s most expensive asset. Ask yourself, “did I get into this profession to help people realise their property dreams while earning a handsome living or did I do this to sharpen my spelling skills and play around with words?”. Play to your strengths and focus on what it is you do best (selling) while a professional real estate copywriter does what they do best: engaging an emotional response via words and attracting the interest of as many potential buyers as possible.

3. Your personal brand is at stake.


Vendors do their homework thoroughly before appointing an agent to represent them and their valuable asset. It only takes a brief Google search for them to see what shows up under your name and if this includes poorly written listings then they are not going to be likely to want to appoint you to look after the sale of their home. Instead, they might select an agent who offers the use of a professional copywriter to craft the copy for the listing – and if you are lucky enough to secure one who specializes in this particular sector of the copywriting industry and is passionate about all things property and real estate (as I am) then you truly will have an edge over the 66,000 (ABS Census, 2011) rival real estate agents working in the Australian marketplace.

4. We know how to Highlight your Unique Selling Point and Target Market.


Every successful business has a USP – Unique Selling Point – which makes them stand apart from their competitors. The same can often be said for a property, which is why hiring a professional copywriter (who just so happens to be trained in this skill) can be of huge benefit to real estate agents. It’s also the same with attracting your target market to your listing – having the right copy to appeal to them very much hinges on getting yourself noticed by them.  Simply saying “we want to target everyone!” will only bring about disappointment because it’s impossible to write a targeted piece of web copy which appeals to all target markets. You are better off choosing one market and having copy tailored specifically to meet this brief. Copywriters are experts at this – surely then it’s worth investing in one to show off your property listing in the best possible light?

5. First impressions count more than you might realise.


When a potential buyer clicks on to a listing the first thing they do is form an impression of that particular property. Be aware it only takes three seconds for this impression to take shape so it is crucial that your headlines shine and intrigues them to know more. Similarly, if you can’t give your prospects a compelling reason to stick around in those first three seconds, they’ll click out and on to a rival listing in the blink of an eye. So if the listing is hard to read, with poor grammar and punctuation, it’s unlikely to convert visitors into buyers. More so, with a home often an emotionally driven purchase (you want to love where you live, after all!) it’s critical the copy engages an emotional response and makes them eager to attend an open home.  If it sounds less than stellar, be prepared to lose out on potential buyers coming along to inspections because you’ve failed to sway them into doing so.

I want to hire an expert real estate copywriter!

Real estate script writing is a skill, and it takes time to write copy worthy of your listing. If you don’t have the time (or the aptitude), your sale can suffer.

If you think your clients could benefit from a passionate real estate writer, backed by 8 years of professional writing experience, the time to act is now. Make a wise investment in your future listings and contact me on 0405 738 133 or donna@prestigepropertycopy.com.au for an obligation free chat on how I can help make your listings alluring and attract the right buyer.

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