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In this new series, I’m peeling back the sold sign to give readers a sneak peek into the importance of having an awesome ‘Support Crew’ in real estate. Next up we have the dapper Dan McQuillan, who juggles two critical support roles. Not only does he keep the (equally dapper) Rob Lamb on track as his PA, but as well, looks after the marketing of the mighty Kollosche, one of the Gold Coast’s most successful boutique real estate agencies.

How long have you worked in the real estate industry and what attracted you to this sector originally?

I’ve been in the real estate game for about 3 years. I had a number of jobs previously that I didn’t find very satisfying. Challenge drives me and being in such a competitive industry (where only those who commit 100% tend to get rewarded) creates a culture where I feel as though I thrive.

I get great job satisfaction from seeing businesses grow and realise their full potential. It’s the strategic planning, marketing and executing of ideas to facilitate this growth which I enjoy most in my role.

What does a typical day as a Marketing Manager and PA at Kollosche entail?

My day at the moment is split in half. I spend the mornings with Rob and the afternoons with the business.

In the mornings Rob and I take our pants off (debrief – get it?) about the day before and plan the day ahead. This is usually typical sales support, contract administration, report writing, prospect planning etc.

In the afternoons I play the role of Digital Marketing Manager. This includes overseeing content production for not only ‘Kollosche’ but for the property management department and each individual property campaign and each agent. I also focus on cementing Michael as a thought leader on a national scale by actively seeking PR and media opportunities for Michael to provide commentary on.

I also oversee the Kollosche website and provide direction to management on ways to continually improve both the customer experience and Kollosche’s presence online. At varying levels of involvement, I manage about 25 different profiles/platforms.

How important is marketing to the success of a sales campaign? And do you also think bad marketing hampers a property from selling, too?

You can’t sell a secret!

You don’t need a huge campaign to sell a property, but you’d definitely be doing yourself a disservice. Premium sales prices are often found in creating competition between buyers. People naturally have FOMO.

A lot of sellers see marketing as an ‘expense,’ but instead, it should be considered an investment. Remember, investments make you money. Doing this with 1% of your asking price can mean a huge difference to the end sale price. Let’s say something is on the market for $2,000,000. A good campaign that can get your property in front of the right people can mean a 5% premium. Letting it sit on the market, without actively trying to get it in front of those people could mean a sale price of 5% under the asking price. The difference to the seller is $200,000.

As for ‘bad marketing’, there are a few considerations here. All of the marketing collateral has to be of the highest possible standard (something we pride ourselves on at Kollosche). Bad photos, copywriting, attention to detail etc, make the property look sloppy and won’t get the attention of potential buyers. 

Attention to detail is also key. A single error could be catastrophic for a campaign. For example, this studio apartment, currently listed at three quarters of a billion dollars.

If you had to pick a favourite property campaign you’ve worked on, which one would it be? Why?

This is such a difficult question! All properties are different, and I enjoy learning the stories behind each one. One campaign that I’m particularly proud of from a digital perspective was 160 Tallebudgera Drive. In just 12 days we had a unique reach of 190,657, 18 hot enquiries, 296 reactions and had it sold for a very good price.

What’s life like for you outside the Kollosche office?

It’s been pretty hectic until recently. One of my favourite things is to learn – it doesn’t matter what it is, but I just tend to find everything interesting! I’ve just completed my second degree and have suddenly found myself with a lot more time on my hands.

I’ve been married for about 8 weeks now (still not pregnant yet mum!) and am enjoying some of the spare time we get together. Nikki is still at Uni and works shift work, so often pass like ships in the night. I have a very active 3 year old German Shepherd who keeps me busy. I enjoy listing to podcasts and have recently discovered Audible – I average about 3 books a week. Weekends for me are usually pretty quiet with my wife working. I catch up on a week of sleep and Netflix series. If Nikki is around, we spend a lot of the time at the beach, checking out the best eateries on the coast, hanging out with our other ‘couples’ friends (apparently I’m old enough to have them now?) or planning our next holiday!