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Each week I’ll be peeling back the sold sign to give readers a sneak peek into the importance of having an awesome ‘Support Crew’ in real estate. First up, Executive Assistant extraordinaire, Hayley Wood, who supports two of Ray White Broadbeach‘s most prolific property sellers, Sam Guo and Julia Kuo.

Tell me a little about your role as the PA to two of the Gold Coast’s most successful agents, Sam Guo and Julia Kuo:

I get to see some beautiful properties as Sam and Julia are prestige agents! I do all the behind the scenes work. I deal with our clients, solicitors and contractors, such as photographer and copywriters.

How long have you worked in the real estate industry and what attracted you to this sector originally?

I started in real estate on the Gold Coast about nine years ago. I had been living in London before that and was working in admin for a commercial real estate company over there. When I came home, I started as an assistant and sales associate.  I’ve changed roles within the industry over the years. I’ve sold property, been an Administration Manager and now am an Executive Assistant.

Are there any memorable moments which stand out?

There’s been a few. I remember my first sold sticker and my face on the for sale sign! Starting at Ray White Broadbeach 5 years ago was a highlight – it’s such a great team here. The latest would be Sam and Julia achieving Number 1 Sales Person Internationally.

Of course, no two days the same in real estate, but generally speaking, what would a typical 24 hours in real estate lool like for you?

I am in constant contact with our clients, mostly over the phone and email. I also prepare the listing agreements and contracts of sale, confirm settlements and auction dates.

I’m also tasked with arranging photography/video and floor plans etc for each property, all marketing, such as Gold Coast Bulletin, signage, as well as online.

Each day is different, dealing with deadlines and client personalities. Sometimes it’s a lot of pressure, but we all work well as a team and there are always good days too!

Why do you think support staff so crucial to a real estate agent’s success?

I think all successful agents need a support team. There are not enough hours in the day for the agents, and honestly, most agents aren’t the best at the administration side of things. Having an assistant means they can focus on buyers/sellers and negotiation.

Plus, a good team that works well together with trust and respect makes all the difference.

How has your job contributed to the success of the agents you support?

Sam and Julia trust me to deal with their clients, meet deadlines and have correct legal documents. They know they can leave things to me without question.