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It would appear the pen is mightier than the auctioneer’s gavel.

How else can I fathom the win of contestants who threatened to walk whenever they didn’t like the feedback and were painfully self-absorbed?

You see, this time last week I was all set to write up a blog post analysing the five ad listings for The Block, rating them and awarding a written winner.  But, to my surprise, my favourites had by far the worst crafted ad (I may have ever seen) and my least favourites had the most evocative and emotive ad. I couldn’t do it – I didn’t want Australia’s “nice guys” to finish last.

I’ve long been a proponent of the power of the written word in real estate ads (naturally) but it has never been clearer to me that in last night’s episode of The Block Auction that words can also help you steal the win and give you an edge over the competition.  When I read the winner’s ad it was enticing, lyrical and oozed with feeling.  I could easily insert myself into the image they were portraying and envisage sipping cocktails in the alfresco area while overlooking a bustling St Kilda streetscape.

Yet as I read Norm & Jess’s script, I felt…. Nothing. At best, I was left cold.  It was a poorly written paragraph of muddled information. I didn’t feel compelled to click on the images, let along inquire further or want to see it for myself.  Maybe the agents were betting on the fabulous, sunshine-y and authentic personas of the ubiquitous Norm & Jess to get them through. Maybe they thought the stunning imagery would be enough. Or perhaps they thought the TV show would be proof alone. All I do know is the property which embraced you the most with its warmth, enchanted you with its airy, light-filled living and offered you an alfresco area to make you the envy of all your friends, lost.

And considering they were the winners of the Domain Prize, with a massive advertising budget to boot one thing is for sure – they didn’t allocate any money to engaging the services of a professional copywriter, unlike the other four.

Real estate agents, if it was ever unclear to you before – please now know this. Words give you the edge, words get you the win (along with rock star agents, of course!). Take note from this Block Shock, any agent who undermines the importance of expert copywriting: unleash the power of the written word so you don’t leave potential buyers cold on auction day.