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You there, who hovered over the “purchase” icon when buying your CopyCon ticket and agonised whether it would be wise to invest extra in the MasterMind Session – this is for you!

See, I was just like you.  I hesitated – and you know what they say about people who hesitate (well, I don’t exactly know, but it’s along the lines of FOMO, right?!)

I get it though – I was nervous too.  I mean, one whole day spent “peopling” in the company of 150 others, was enough to make this little introvert apprehensive. I was sure I could only take a small dose of combined learning, conversation and connection. That very real fear of “will anyone talk to me?” and “will I be the only one here who has no freaking clue about wireframes” made me adamant one day would be enough.  And while, yes, Day 1 was all kinds of awesome in EVERY WAY (spectacular speakers, fab food and a gathering of the loveliest likeminded folk you’ll meet) it was the extra session on the Sunday – the Mastermind which blew my ever-loving copy mind!

Australia’s “Pitch Bitch”, the one and only Amanda Vanelderen, regaled us with her tried and tested methods for approaching (or if you prefer: stalking!) our dream clients, broke down the wall of nerves and empowered us to be bold and brave (and if you haven’t already pre-ordered her book ‘write better: cut the crap and say what you mean’ – DO IT NOW!). The ever-gorgeous editor extraordinaire, Kelly Exeter, who is a queen of public branding, boosted our knowledge reserves of just how to build a profile and why it is a critical factor in being a successful copywriter, while the bearded Glenn Murray regaled us with his arsenal of processes and why these will save you time (and sanity) when running your business. Finally, the fiscal warrior-woman, Laura Elkaslassy, made money management understandable and profit appear remotely possible (so you don’t just have to do this career for the love of the written word after all!)

Finally, at the heart of this engaging and educational session (and I might well add – oh so entertaining!) was our fearless head word wrangler Kate Toon – or as I now think of her: the Oprah of the Australian copywriting landscape. Not only is she quick witted, intelligent and in possession of a huge heart, but she is also so generous with her time and knowledge (and has killer hair to boot!).

Snaring an elusive late Mastermind ticket might just be the highlight of 2018 (okay, maybe not), but you know you’ve been to a kick-ass conference when you start thinking of your business in the terms of “pre CopyCon” and “post CopyCon” – and it’s all thanks to Mastermind. So, if you are already mentally thinking “yes, I am IN” come CopyCon19, can I suggest you also invest in yourself and your business snap yourself up a Mastermind ticket too (you can thank me later when you do!).