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There’s a very valid reason people joke the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google – because ain’t nobody got time to scroll that far when searching for a real estate agent website. That’s why it’s imperative your personal site (and no, I don’t mean your page on REA or Domain) has been correctly optimised with SEO strategies, meaning you get found – fast!

What the heck is SEO? And do real estate agents really even need to know about it?

Imagine having an employee at your disposal who was willing and able to work 24/7, generating leads and income without you having to lift a finger? SEO can help you achieve exactly that.

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.”

This means you need to invest in a proper website – one which has been built by a SEO web developer and includes content written by a SEO copywriter.

What difference will a SEO website make to my rankings?

In short – A HUGE ONE! If you have copy written with carefully researched keywords, title tags and meta descriptions and your images and SLUG correctly optimised, you will soon see an influx of traffic hitting your site.

Is it enough to just have a page on REA or Domain?

Think about it – how many of your direct competitors are also on these sites? Wouldn’t you prefer the full and undivided attention of a potential lead, away from the noise of the rest of the real estate world? Definitely, do have a presence on these channels but you will be wise to make your personal website your number one place potential clients find you.

How do I find out if my real estate agent website is already SEO-Friendly?

The truth is, without pleasing the Google Gods, it can be tricky to succeed. That’s where having a SEO savvy, specialist real estate copywriter on your side can assist.

The good news is it’s painless.

Help me help you by undertaking a SEO site audit to determine important factors including ranking, site speed, domain authority as well as identify any issues such as broken links and missing meta tags and title descriptions (all of which Google penalise you for). From here we can start a SEO optimised blog strategy, honing in one carefully researched keywords, which can help you achieve the heightened personal or business brand you seek.

Book in for a SEO Audit of your real estate agent website.

What are you waiting for? Contact me today via and let’s help you enjoy a sizzling, and much more prominent start to 2019 with a SEO-friendly real estate agent website!