Are you working in real estate and searching for a simple solution to creating captivating ads for your listings so they sell faster?


Or, are you a copywriter with a passion for property and prose – who’s long harboured a dream to get paid to write about real estate?


Good news! There’s now a cost-effective way for agents to ensure their ads stand out from the crowd (and sell faster!) and for copywriters to expand their circle of clients (and at a time when we have a red-hot property market!):


The Introduction to Real Estate Copywriting Course.


Set across five modules, this is a step-by-step course for real estate agents and their administration/support staff, as well as copywriters who want to learn the art of creating compelling real estate copy that connects with buyers and converts into sales.


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from being a professional writer since 2011 and a specialist real estate copywriter since 2015 and packaged it up as an in-depth copywriting course specifically tailored to the real estate industry. Because property copywriting isn’t just about stringing together a few sentences littered with adjectives. Instead, when done well, real estate listings have the power to transport you – as if you are suddenly ensconced within those four walls and virtually walking through the home while reading the copy. It’s going to ignite emotion, elicit a response – such as contacting the agent to find out more information – and give the listing the unforgettable first impression it deserves.


In The Introduction to Real Estate Copywriting Course, I share my secrets to crafting killer copy for my clients based all across Australia, the USA and Europe. You’ll learn:

  • The key components of copywriting
  • Online tools to save you time (and your sanity!)
  • The importance of the audience and the impact
  • Crafting captivating headers
  • My four-step formula for property copywriting success


You’ll also have access to a private Facebook Group and a 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with me (valued at $245 inc GST).


Get a head start on your competition or your new career today for a worthy investment of A$320 (+GST) and unleash the power of the written word in real estate – click to Buy Now.

“As a writer with a strong interest in real estate, I had always wanted to branch out into property copywriting but never knew where to start. When I discovered Donna’s course it didn’t take me long to sign up and I’m so glad I did.

The course is an excellent introduction to real estate copywriting for copywriters new to the industry, or those wanting to expand their expertise, as well as real estate professionals and support staff. You will learn about every aspect of writing a property listing from the difference and importance of benefits and features of a property, down to the nitty-gritty of tone, hooks, and calls to action. All of which will allow you to create a listing that is compelling and evokes emotion so the prospective purchaser has no choice but to pick up the phone and book an inspection.

With over six years at the top of her game, Donna has the expertise and experience from which to learn. For anyone interested in real estate copywriting this course is essential.”  

Jodi Gibson

“I had long been curious about real estate copywriting but wasn’t sure where to start. When I saw that Donna was running an Introduction to Real Estate Copywriting Course, I signed up right away. I knew of Donna’s stellar reputation as a real estate copywriter, and the self-paced format of the course (and the price) seemed manageable and like something I’d be able to fit into my busy schedule.

I’m so glad I did. Not only did the course reveal, step-by-step, how to write a cracking property listing, but the 30-minute one-on-one session with Donna was worth more than the cost of the course alone. After all, when you’re learning a new skill, there’s nothing more valuable than tailored, personalised feedback. It’s not often you get such good value from an online copywriting course, but the Introduction to Real Estate Copywriting Course was worth every penny plus some.”

Amber Howison

I thoroughly enjoyed the Introduction to Real Estate Copywriting Course run by Prestige Property Copy.

Donna Webeck was so easy to listen to, with a lovely manner – an important attribute when you’re working through an online course. The modules were well organised, very clear, and ran in a logical sequence. With the great practice exercises and suggestions throughout, I really built my knowledge and my confidence.

The 30 minutes one-on-one with Donna was a fantastic opportunity for discussion, and this was an important step in my own preparedness. So much so that once I’d completed the course, I was able to step out of my comfort zone, talk to Real Estate agencies, and find copywriting work almost immediately. Thanks, Donna and the team!


Jennifer Sheppard

Peninsula Copywriting

“I attended Donna Webeck’s “Introduction to Real Estate Copywriting Course” earlier this year. To say it has helped me is a huge understatement.

Donna’s easy style and informative, succinct course notes made the course a pleasure to complete. Though I’d done another real estate writing course before, the information in Donna’s course was all new to me and I’ve already been able to use it with clients. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who is serious about exploring the world of real estate copywriting.”


Cathy Hopkins

Copy by Design

“Donna Webeck’s introduction to real estate copywriting course is a fantastic course and a great introduction into the industry. It’s a self paced online course for you to complete in your own time.

If you want to gain clients like I did after I finished this course and have a career as a real estate copywriter please do yourself a favour and buy this course immediately, you will not regret it!”


Lauren Wilson